Sunday, February 22, 2009

Okay, not every shot was made on safari...

Hey guys,

So the title says it all...these were all taken at city zoos. It is often difficult to obtain a good shot at the zoo due to bars and cages. These first two were taken at the San Diego Zoo and the last two were from the Oklahoma City Zoo. Both Zoos have large facilities for the creatures to be in with out the need for bars and cages. I don't think San Diego Zoo life is too bad for this Polar Bear and Mountain Lions...
The Ape/Monkeys from the Oklahoma City Zoo were interesting to say the least with these candid captures. Hope you enjoy.
Elvis Milic

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  1. yes, i agree.. they are difficult shots to take. columbus zoo does have amazing enclosures, so you can get some great shots there! they house the oldest gorilla in the states, beautiful family of them. and if you have a love of photographing birds, you'd have a field day.. you can walk through the aviaries! :)

    great pics!